REVTECH is Safety Driven – Science Proven.


Motorcycle Apparel & Protective Padding

In 2021, REVTECH continues to prove it is the gold standard of body impact protection. Proven to be lighter and thinner, with increased flexibility and ventilation.

REVTECH is the only impact protection material that is fully certified to CE EN1621:2-2014, which means our material can pass all four environmental conditions: ambient, hot, cold and wet. In addition to passing all four environmental conditions, our materials have been proven to provide the best impact protection over the competition.

Health & Wellness

REVTECH’s Health & Wellness materials are the industry leader in impact protection. With immediate recovery, no compression set, anti-fatigue, unsurpassed thermal stability operating range and Design Patent Pending moisture-wicking hexagon ridges to stimulate pressure nerve endings in the foot, orthopedic recommended, REVTECH materials are the clear choice for your health & wellness project. Washable – see care instructions.


Football / Skiing / Pickleball

Playing outdoor sports in 30° F weather? No need to ‘warm’ up our materials before beginning play, as required by our competitor products.  REVTECH materials’ performance is unaffected by temperatures near, at, or below 32° F. In fact, REVTECH materials remain flexible and offer continuous, consistent protection performance, down to minus 148° F. No other impact protection material can make that claim. 

Competitor materials share a memory or hysteretic trait – not what is needed for multi-impact protection. Further, our competitor materials experience cell degradation with each impact. REVTECH materials offer excellent multi-impact protection, each in rapid succession, with no cellular damage. REVTECH materials exhibit minimal hysteresis, a virtual instantaneous recovery upon the removal of stress.

No fluff, just facts. 

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Vibration Isolation & Control Noise Dampening Impact Protection

REVTECH is the only impact protection material to achieve solid Level 3 performance ratings per ANSI/ISEA 138-2019. No matter the environmental conditions – extreme cold or extreme heat – REVTECH materials will always provide solid Level 3 protection. Not to mention, REVTECH materials are impervious to aging from constant sunlight exposure.


Recoil Pads – Special Purpose Rifles

From blast mitigation to body armor protection to large caliber rifle shoulder protection to footwear protection, REVTECH materials provide superior protection to our military and law enforcement personnel – no matter the environmental conditions.


Laptop/Cell Phone Protection

REVTECH offers proven-to-be-superior impact protection for electronic devices. From smartphones to laptops to precision instrument cases, REVTECH protects your valuable assets.