REVTECH is Safety Driven – Science Proven.

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“REVTECH patented/trade secret materials

are filled with strong, interlocking molecular networks that catch fast-moving impacts like a vast web of safety nets and slow those impacts to a stop gracefully, with minimal force and pressure.”

Louis A Bloomfield


University of Virginia

RevTech Science Graphic

Safety Driven — Science Proven

REVTECH is the only impact protection material that meets and exceeds all 5  performance properties establishing it as the leader of the new Gold Standard in impact protection.

Consistent Mechanical Force Absorption

Our engineered energy dissipation materials can synergistically absorb impact and dissipate energy across a wide spectrum – substantially more energy across a wider range than standard foam materials. In addition, our materials distribute pressure over a relatively wide area in comparison to conventional foam materials, thereby increasing performance in reducing impact pressures. Conventional foam materials have non-linear stress-strain curves that level out over much of the deformation process.

REVTECH materials reach NO PLATEAU & NO PLASTIC YIELD POINT. With no accumulation of permanent cellular damage on each cycle along with minimal hysteresis, we offer THE BEST MULTI-IMPACT PROTECTION.

Many conventional foams dissipate energy by pushing air out of their cells. After repeated impacts, the cell walls do not fully return to their original size and height. Continual degradation of the cell walls reduces the air content in the cells, which reduces the cushioning effect.

Unlike conventional foam material, REVTECH material can be compressed to over 90% without cellular damage.

Minimal Hysteresis

It is critical that energy absorbing materials, especially for military and sports helmets, have excellent elastic response. Many times, a soldier or an athlete will not receive just a single impact to the head or body. The protective padding material, helmet or body, MUST be ready to receive and dissipate a second or third impact immediately. Our energy dissipation materials exhibit MINIMAL HYSTERESIS.

REVTECH® energy dissipation materials offer excellent multi-impact protection, each in rapid succession. Conventional protective foam materials are hysteretic and therefore do not offer the multi-impact protection.

Unlike many conventional foams, our material is not time dependent. Given the material’s elastic behavior, when stress is applied, strain is virtually instantaneous (not time dependent). Furthermore, a virtual instantaneous recovery ensues upon the removal of stress.

Thermal Stability

REVTECH offer continuous, consistent performance from -100° C thru +170° C and will withstand spikes up to +250° C for short durations.

Impervious to Aging from
UV, Ozone, & Radiation

Independent tests have confirmed REVTECH materials are impervious to aging after over 800 hours of simulated sunlight and simulated UV exposure.

Naturally Antibacterial

One of the key features of silicone is that nothing likes to stick to it. Therefore, silicone naturally resists anything growing or sticking to it.

REVTECH materials are made out of a platinum technology which is the highest purity silicone technology. It is used for various medical grade applications such as prosthetic liners for amputees. 

Independent research has found that anti-microbial additives are not necessary unless our materials will be in contact with internal body applications. For example, catheter tubes or implant devices. For material applications in skin contact, it is not necessary to add an anti-microbial additive.