Frequently Asked Questions

What is REVTECH?

REVTECH MATERIALS is an innovative design and technology company producing the world’s superior, second to none, impact protection products. Our superior impact protection products are used by global brands in Recreational, Health & Wellness, Sports, Defense and Industrial applications.

How do REVTECH proprietary materials work?

REVTECH employs patented/trade secret materials which are filled with strong, interlocking molecular networks that catch fast-moving impacts like a vast web of safety nets and slow those impacts to a stop gracefully, with minimal force and pressure.

Does REVTECH provide material solutions for specific markets and applications?

YES, REVTECH offers unique material formulations, each engineered for specific markets, specific applications.

How does REVTECH know which material solution is best for a business application?

Please visit our Contact Page and provide impact attenuation requirements for your application to begin the process.

Does REVTECH limit its customers to a predetermined material color?

No! PANTONE color information is all that is required to create a custom color. 

Do REVTECH materials reach a plastic yield point?

REVTECH materials have consistent mechanical force absorption – no plateau, no plastic yield point, and no accumulation of permanent cellular damage with repeated impacts

Are REVTECH materials a memory foam?

No – REVTECH materials exhibit minimal hysteresis and offer excellent multi-impact protection, each in rapid succession.

Do REVTECH materials become stiffer as the temperature drops towards freezing? Will the material freeze?

No – REVTECH materials offer a continuous performance temperature operating range of -100° C to +200° C

Are REVTECH materials naturally antibacterial?

Yes, and antimicrobial features are also available.

Will REVTECH materials degrade from exposure to uv, ozone, or radiation?

No – REVTECH materials offer superior resistance to aging from continued exposure to UV, ozone, or radiation.

What is the chemical compatibility of REVTECH materials?

Independent testing of placing REVTECH materials in contact with these specific chemicals for a prolonged period of time showed NO REACTION: Ballistol Universal Oil; Oil AK 164; Ethyl Alcohol 90%; Distilled Water; Artificial Blood; Artificial Sweat; Autan Mosquito Spray; Sunscreen, Benelli H15 Oil.

I am interested in REVTECH materials…what is my next step?

Please visit our Contact Page and provide impact attenuation requirements for your application to begin the process.