About Us

In 2021, following years of painstaking research and development, REVTECH patented materials surpassed all limits and boundaries in Impact Protection. Independent testing proves REVTECH provides the best impact protection, setting the Gold Standard in Impact Protection materials. 

From the early concepts born at the Purdue University engineering laboratories to today’s state of the art laboratories, REVTECH’s team of scientists and engineers have worked tirelessly to develop materials which provide greater protection over a wider spectrum than heretofore available materials.

REVTECH’s mission is safety driven, science proven to be the best. Mission accomplished. Trust, but verify.

REVTECH is customizable to fit each and every customer’s design parameters, down to the custom color of the material. How we win: Lighter, Thinner, More Comfortable, Increased Flexibility, and Increased Ventilation as required. 

REVTECH Safety driven – Science proven. REVTECH protects best!

Engineering Laboratories

Meet the Team

Jeff King


Mark Dilley


Russell Johnson


Lou Bloomfield, Ph.D.


Roger explaining to Mark why custom colors are so important to partners.

Russ discussing with Mark, boundary-breaking test results.

Lou, "How Things Work" scientist, is glad to show you why REVTECH is best.