The KICKSTOP™ PRO RS-1 is the perfect recoil pad companion for your Remington. Order yours today!

The KICKSTOP™ PRO RS-1 Fits Synthetic Stock:

● 700 SPS ● 710/770 ● 870/11-87 ● 7600

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KICKSTOP™ Pads are proudly made in the USA using REVTECH® patented silicone materials

  • Consistent Force Absorption
  • Virtually Instantaneous Recovery
  • Thermal Stability
    • -148° F to +482° F
  • Naturally Antibacterial
  • Impervious to Aging from UV, Ozone and Radiation

Barrett's MRAD sniper rifle with REVTECH® recoil pad

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Chemical Compatibility Test


Verify the chemical compatibility, i.e. any type of reaction, of the samples placed in contact with specific chemicals for a prolonged period of time.

Chemical Products Reaction
Ballistol Universal Oil
No reaction
Oil AK 164
No Reaction
Ethyl Alcohol 90%
No Reaction
Distilled Water
No Reaction
Artificial Blood
No Reaction
Artificial Sweat
No Reaction
Mosquito Spray
No Reaction
No Reaction
Benelli H15 Oil
No Reaction

UV Exposure Test - Results

Verify how the material will withstand the damaging effects of ultraviolet exposure by means of this accelerated aging testing.


  • After both the inspections (25h and 100h) the surface of the recoil paid does not show any alteration;
  • The hardness of the recoil pad is not altered.
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