Users Testimonial

Union Health and Safety Rep

Every department is required to have an ergonomic project submitted and completed each year. Early in 2022, our Environment, Health and Safety Departments decided to try the MedSole insoles in the areas where the employees were required to stand on concrete most of their shifts which sometimes lasted 12 hours. We have been providing another brand of insole, and the employees were asked to let us know which insole they preferred.

When the verdict was in, all those participating loved the MedSole insoles over the current brand. Employees complain the current insoles don’t last a year, wearing out fast, and their socks ‘slip inside them often’. Very uncomfortable.

We then ordered the MedSole insoles, and now plan to order the insoles for all departments, with the added benefit of removing all ergo mats which have caused trip hazards.

Environmental Specialist - Company safety professional - Automotive Manufacturer

I was provided a sample of the MedSole product and really did not think your insoles would provide me any relief as I have tried so many insoles and none have worked. To my surprise yours are great! Wearing your insoles is like walking on air. Maximum comfort!!

Union Health & Safety Manager - Automotive Manufacturer

Not only do my feet feel better, but I am experiencing much less knee, hip, and back pain. Thanks to the team at MedSole!

Union Health & Safety Worker– Automotive Manufacturer

These MedSoles are great! Unlike the current product where my socks bind up in my shoes, your product allows for a comfortable movement of my foot across the insole surface.

Union Health and Safety – Automotive Manufacturer

MedSole inserts are the most comfortable insoles I have ever used on the job. I especially like how cool my feet feel throughout the day.

Union Ergonomic Job Analyst – Automotive Manufacturer

I love my MedSole insoles, especially the trim-to fit feature! Being able to trim to my specific shoe has provided me maximum comfort all day long.

Union Ergonomic Job Analyst – Automotive Manufacturer

MedSole insoles are perfect for supporting anyone who has plantar fasciitis. I can walk and not even be aware of my feet because of these inserts. They are great!